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"as good as it gets...."

 Mountain Sun Skin Therapy is as good as it gets! I had a facial here  right before I went down to Southern California to visit my mom and  sister and my sister asked me if I'd "had work done!" HA! No plastic  surgery, just expert care from the lovely and caring Renee. Not only did  Renee do a beautiful job on my skin, she made me feel welcome and whole  during the process. As a woman who's suffered from many skin problems  during my life, having a shame free skin care experience was an absolute  delight. She made me feel beautiful on the inside and the outside.  Thank you Renee. Highly recommend.  

JG  5/12/2017  on YELP

" I love her...."

 I've been going to Renee for several years, and I LOVE her! I always  look so bright and glowy when I leave, and the experience of a lovingly  applied facial is always such a delight. I highly recommend Renee. She  cares, gives awesome facials, and is fun! And her products are great  too. 

NS  9/26/2016 on YELP

" able to recommend the best products..."

 It's not often that you find an esthetician that not only has knowledge  of the skin but also incredible knowledge about the ingredients and  chemistry behind the tons of skincare products out there. Renee is able  to recommend the best products to use on your face to finally get the  results you've been looking for. And she doesn't just push her own  skincare line on you (which I've found to be fabulous so far) but also  takes a hard look at what you've been using to make suggestions in what  to keep and what to omit from your regimen to get the results you're  looking for. 

LP  9/20/2016 on YELP

"..I've noticed definite improvement..."

 I have been letting Renee take care of my skin for several years now,  and she is remarkable!  She keeps track of what products she's used,  what I'm using at home, and what reaction my skin has had to everything.   When something new comes out that might help me, she's always ready to  tell me all about it and send me home with a sample.  I've noticed  definite improvement in the quality of my skin, and I know it's Renee's  doing.      I always bring my skin questions to Renee.  She's incredibly  knowledgeable about skin health, sunscreen, etc. Plus, she gives a great  foot rub!  Renee and the massage therapists are friendly and inviting,  and of course highly skilled.  It's always relaxing to head to the spa!    

from Spa Finder Reviews of my former business, Mountain Sun Massage & Skin Care

"Expert facial!"

 I got a SpaFinder for my birthday last year and redeemed it for the 75  minute intro facial with Renee at Mountain Sun Massage and Skincare. Not  only did I get a fantastic facial that was relaxing and felt great, but  Renee educated me (in a totally non-salesy, non-pushy) way about my  skin's needs and challenges. Since then I've been going for monthly  facials as a treat for myself and a way to keep my skin healthy and  glowing. I highly recommend this place!!  

from Spa Finder reviews of my former business, Mountain Sun Massage  Skin Care in Kirkland, WA

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