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LED Light Therapy

Sunscreen - The Ultimate Anti-Aging Product

3 Facts Your Must Know About Ingredients

Anti-Aging Choices at Mountain Sun

Microcurrent Facial Contouring Treatments

Microcurrent Facial Contouring Treatments feel like a deep tissue massage with the added benefits of tightening facial muscles and skin improving tone clarity and facial contours!

Certain muscles in the face get overworked and tight while other muscles start to relax and sag as we age.  Using holds that target muscle groups, microcurrent goes in and strengthens the relaxed muscles and stretches the tense muscles, so you get a restructuring of the face.  This results in a face that looks more rested and youthful.

When used in conjunction with Mountain Sun Skin Therapy tissue enhancing products, this therapy sends much needed energy to the muscles and skin cells for improved functionality.

Renee has many happy microcurrent clients who have seen the difference this amazing therapy has made in their appearance.

Treatments dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by introducing muscle re-education.  Additional benefits include:

* improved hydration, skin tone and elasticity

* rejuvenation of sun drenched and sun burned skin

*  increased clarity and translucence - skin looks and acts younger

* increased product penetration for dramatic results that continues to work on the skin for days.

Unlike lasers, the microcurrent system works on all skin types and tones.  Unlike injections or fillers, microcurrent works on your entire face, forehead, eyes, laugh lines, marionette lines, jawl line, neck and jowls. 

How is microcurrent applied to the face?

On the receiving end, microcurrent facial cotouring treatments feel like a slow facial massage.  All layers of the skin and muscles are addressed, sometimes just holding an area to release bound up facia; sometimes actively stretching an area or contracting an area or gently moving lymphatic tissue for a manual detoxification of the face and neck. For muscles that require lifting and contracting, probes are held at the origin and insertion of the muscle to "re-educate" the tissue.

How long does it last?

If you do one treatment and nothing else it lasts about 3 days.  With a series of 6-12 sessions depending on age and skin conditions, the effects are cumulative so that the energy in the cells lasts much longer between sessions. Renee provides a loaner home Clareblend Mini microcurrent device for use during the series to build the energy holding capabilities of the skin and enhance results. A series of facials are performed 2-3 times per week at first, then once a week.   If the skin has experienced a lot of sun damage, is glycated and has loss of tone, more than one series is recommended.  After the series is performed, monthly maintenance facials “remind” the muscles to hold.  The more you do it at first the longer it lasts between sessions.

Placing probes at the origin and insertion of the zygomatic muscle to lift and tone the cheeks

Placing probes at the origin and insertion of the zygomatic muscle to lift and tone the cheeks

LED Light Therapy

I am a huge advocate of the  healing effects of LED light (light  emitting diodes) on the skin. LED  light therapy works by using four  spcific wavelengths of visible light  (red, yellow, green and blue) to  treat blemishes, uneven skin  tones, redness, inflammation and  sun damage.  This powerful too  can be used as a stand alone  treatent on clean skin or in concert  with light activated serums and  masks to boost healing.  So many  of us love the sun, but unerstand  that the ultraviolet rays of the sun  are damaging to the skin.  The  LED spectrum of visible light is the  non-invasive therapeutic light that  we all crave and that is so healing  to our bodies. 

What do the Different Colors Do?

Each color of ligh has its own  benefits to the skin: The red lights are great for  energizing every cell which makes  it a must-have technology for skin  rejuventation. Yellow is the color of  choice for increasing circulation of  both the circulatory and lymphatic  system.   Yellow is the color of choice for  increasing circulation of both the  circulatory and lymphatic system. By far Renee’s most-used LED  light colors are Green and Blue.   Both these colors are very calming  and soothing to the skin.  Green  also treats uneven skin tones and  reduces inflammation and redness.   Blue light will kill surface bacteria  and the acne bateria under the  surface of the skin for fast healing  from blemishes, inflammation,  trauma and rosacea.    

This great therapy can be included at no extra cost in any custom facial!

Here is sample facial protocol for a  90 minute facial that includes LED  light therapy: *  Deep cleanse of the skin *  Exfoliation with  microdermabrasion or enzymes *  Steam and extractions as  needed *  Infusion of product and increase  in all-over energy with microcurrent *  LED Light Therapy * Finish with highpower serums,  moisturizer and sunscreen  


sunscreen - the ultimate anti-aging product

Why I Use Sunscreen

I picked up the July issue of a popular women’s magazine the other day and found a great article on protecting our skin  from the damaging rays of the sun.  In fact, this is the time of year when all the magazines are addressing this important issue.  What these magazines neglect to point out is that decades of accumulated damage cannot be eradicated in just a few months  of diligent sunscreen use! Reversing (or at least arresting) skin damage from years of over exposure to the sun takes time,  consistency, excellent products and a thorough understanding of the purpose of each step in your skin care regimen.  

Why Protect Your Skin from the Sun?

First and foremost, I protect myself from the sun because I don’t want to look old before my time!  I know it is politically correct  to say that skin cancer prevention is my number one reason. Cancer is a very real danger especially for the sun-worshipping  baby boomers. Doing everything I can to keep skin cancer at bay makes me feel noble, but what really motivates me is vanity!  Not that I go over the top.  I don’t even wear make up.  I was a teenager in the 70’s when everything was natural and easy.  I don’t get injections, or laser treatments.  But I do use powerful skin care products with high tech, synthesized ingredients that  target all my unwanted skin conditions.  The most fabulous skin care products in the world are just a waste of money if you don’t protect your skin from the damaging  UVA and UVB rays of the sun! 

Over exposure to the sun’s damaging rays causes:  

1. Sun spots, liver spots, age spots – what ever you want to call them 

2. Tissue loss that leads to fine lines and wrinkles, crinkles, crepey skin  

3. Capillary damage that leads to spider veins, general redness, inflammation  

4. Damaged Barrier Layer (the outermost layer of the skin) that leads to unnecessary sensitivity,  dehydration and more wrinkles  

5. Unsightly “barnacles” – raised bumps on the skin that start out as actinic keratosis, quite small and barely noticeable,  but over time may become cancerous or can actually look like barnacles on your skin.    (Search "actinic Keratosis" images to see what I'm talking about!) 

6. Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma, Melanoma Remember, UVB rays are strongest from 10am to 3pm in the spring and summer.  But UVA rays - the ones that age the  skin and attack the DNA in every cell are strong all year long, in rain, in sleet, and in snowy conditions.  If the sun is in the  sky, UVA rays are out.   

If you want to fight all of the above skin conditions then please use sunscreen all day, every day!  


three facts you must know about ingredients

Not all skincare products are created equal.  In fact, there can be vast  differences between manufacturers, products that claim similar results and  even within different batches of the same product by the same  manufacturer.  How do we get the consistency in performance and results  with Mountain Sun Skin Therapy? The key is in the ingredients.   In this article we share three facts about how ingredients affect the  performance of our products. 

Performance Ingredients are Dose Dependent - Not Over-Dose Dependent

Just as the activity of aspirin or other drugs depends on their dose, the same it true for performance ingredients in  cosmetics.  You wouldn’t take half an aspirin for a headache, not would you take the whole bottle.  Performance ingredients  must be used at dose-dependent levels in the same way as drugs or the promised results will not be seen or felt in the skin.  Mountain Sun Skin Therapy uses the percentages determined in laboratory and clinical studies to ensure that you  don’t get too little - or too much - of an ingredient.  We like to call this the “Goldilocks Rule of Formulating”: the amount  of each action ingredient is “just right”. Proper amounts of ingredients to do the job - dose dependency, is one of the biggest  differences between Renée Iverson Skin Therapy products and those made by other companies. 

Ingredients on the Label May No Longer Be in the Product

Some ingredients are fragile.  They don’t do well when exposed to air, sunlight, extreme heat or, in some cases, extreme  cold -  and some interact with other ingredients in the product.  When this happens, one or both ingredients can be  inactivated, or a totally new substance can form.  The most sensitive ingredients are antioxidants from plants,  vitamins, minerals, lipids, amino acids, peptides and proteins.  The chemists and biochemists who create Renée  Iverson Skin Therapy understand the fragility of ingredients, so they find ways to prevent interactions.  Their efforts ensure  the ingredients you see on the label are actually present at the time you use the product. 

Not All Plant Extracts are Created Equal

Just like everything else in the universe, plants are made of chemicals.  These chemicals - known as phytochemical s- can  vary from plant to plant and can be affected by soil quality, time of harvest and processing method.  In addition certain  extracts are “chemically standardized” meaning they contain measured levels of specific phytochemicals while other  extracts of the same name do not.  An example is Green Tea, a plant rich in epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC), caffeine and  ellagic acid.  Green Tea that has been tested to contain ECGC’s will deliver strong antioxidant and soothing therapy to the  skin.  When tested to contain caffeine, Green Teas have tested positive for cellulite control. Green Teas with ellagic acid may  be good for identifying toxins for removal in the body.  To our knowledge there is no Green Tea extract that offers chemically  standardized amounts of all three phytochemicals.  

Mountain Sun Skin Therapy products use chemically standardized  extracts from natural ingredients so you can be sure that the ingredients in the products are actually doing the job! 


anti-aging choices at Mountain sun

 The first two questions I ask a new client when we sit down for our initial chat are “What can you tell me about your skin and what would you like to change?”

The first question by its nature brings forth as many different answers as there are skin types and conditions.  But for everyone over 30, the answer to the second question almost always involves a desire to:

1.  slow the visible signs of aging

2.  stop the visible signs of aging

3.  reverse the visible signs of aging!

The Most Basic Advice

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that inflammation is the number one cause of aging cells, not  only in your skin but throughout our bodies. The number one source of inflammation is UV radiation from the sun.   Use a good sunscreen every day and reapply every two hours when you are enjoying all the fabulous our door activities Bend has to offer! 

What Skin Therapy is Right for You?

When you look at our Facial Therapy page you might be wondering where to start, what will work for your skin?  Well, that depends on your goals.  Combining regular facials with high-powered daily skin therapy used as directed will get you to your goals much quicker than just facials or just professional strength skin care products.  

For those under 38 with no skin issues, I recommend one facial every season to wash away  the accumulated skin cells and start again fresh faced.  For those over 38 year old, I recommend a facial every  one or two months depending on your goals, your age and your skin conditions.   For clients over the age of 50 looking  to reverse some long term sun damage and increase muscle tone and skin clarity a series of facials followed by  monthly maintenance is recommended. 

With so many variables involved in making choices for your skin therapy a New Client Facial is a great place to start. The goal of all my facials is to deep cleanse, exfoliate and treat the skin while reducing localized inflammation and infusing high-powered ingredients that get you the results you are looking for.   Microdermabrasion,  Microcurrent and LED Light therapies may be included in all custom facials (depending on skin type and conditions) at no extra charge, but please keep in mind that each technology requires time to administer.   Once a plan is in place that takes into consideration your wishes and the unique requirements of your skin, I can advise  you on the length of facial needed to achieve your goals 

Combine facials with excellent home care and sunscreen and you will be pleased!    

Time Reversal Collection (TRC) of Home Care products including Total Eye Renewal, TRC Firm & Repair and TRC Clear & Restore.

Experience the transformative power of targeted ingredients at home. This collection features skin protecting ingredients as well as skin architecture ingredients to improve the visible signs of aging.  Key Time Reversal Ingredients improve skin at any age: 

  • Protect your 20 year old skin from the technology we use every day. 
  • Nourish your 30 year old skin with ingredients that target the cells before the effects of damage are visible.
  • Address the first signs of visible aging in your 40’s with state-of-the-art ingredients to keep the skin calm, the eye area firm and facial contours lifted.
  • Calm, nourish, repair and protect maturing skin while visibly firming and energizing with multi-functional ingredients.

Youth Activating Serum is an excellent choice for the person who wants to use the very 

best state-of-the-art ingredients at home for daily improvement on a cellular level - the non-visible aging.  We kick start the renewal process with a very powerful facial, then you continue the therapy at home with the serum.  The facial incorporates a thermal mask and the serum is great for all skin types.

Fade to Light Serum and Creme are amazing brighteners!   Available in both a serum for post-traumatic pigmentation (from acne or injury) and a creme for hyperpigmentation due to aging, sun damage and glycation, use this collection for a clearer, visibly illuminated, even-toned complexion.  The serum and creme may be used at night in combination with TRC Clear & Restore to accelerate brightening and repair.

Solar Defender SPF 30.    Ultra sheer, ultra gentle micronized Zinc Oxide for broad- spectrum, complete protection from burning UVB and aging  UVA rays. Invisible, easy to wear sunscreen is perfect for  daily protection for any complexion, under makeup or alone.  This greaseless formula is enriched with antioxidant Vitamin  E, plus soothing Green Tea and Aloe, to help lessen damage  caused by direct sunlight.  Remember, sunscreen is your #1 anti-aging product!  Wear it every day and reapply often!